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Fishing Guide. Beginner I to Master requires Mastery. Each fish gives Mastery the first time you catch it, 2 for Normal, 4 for Rare.

Every area in maple story has Exploration GoalsDoing these will net you a couple hundred thousand exp, and you may even find Treasure Chests along the way. Continue Reading. Do these mini-games as much as possible. In the video above, we go through a quick rundown of what you should know about fishing and how it can benefit you. It is the end of our Guide for MS 2 Fishing.

This shrimp may come from evil waters, but it tastes incredible. Definitely not per bait! The quest requires a certain number of a particular fish type and size e. Related Topics: fishingfishing proficiencyGuidehow to fishhow to get fishing rodMapleStoryMapleStory 2where to fish.

MapleStory 2: How to Perform on The Street | MapleStory 2

You see, just like any other activity, you can level up your proficiency. Fishing Level and Progression in MapleStory 2 We have to talk about levels of mastery since fishing places and your progression are both tied to your current level of fishing.

Illustration: I have emerald ore, carp 30cm and mithril ore in my ETC slots and the rest of filled up. If you are maplestory 2 fishing guide in areas of the same mastery as your character is, then each level the amount of fish that players will need to catch to receive mastery points goes up by 2.

To catch the maplestory 2 fishing guide and rarest fish in MapleStory 2, make sure you work hard on raising your level. › Blog › MapleStory 2.

Related Posts. So I'm really not sure of the exact level, but it's in that range somewhere. Notify of. Maple Coins: I recommend using your maple coins on the monopoly board instead of the spin will, because the auto gathering, fishing, and music playing are hard to come by and will save you a lot of time and real world money if you're lucky enough to land on one.

Courtesy of Altimos on the MapleStory 2 forum :. Every half hour at xx and xx, there is a popup hosted by MC Kay. Abandoned State Building. Fishing is a life content that needs a Fishing Rod, at any place that looks like a river, a lake, or a sea. Approximately 0. Arcana PlateauAbandoned State Building. Subsequent catches give some mastery, but less than catching fish first time.

When you start angling in MapleStory 2, you might come across a short mini-game. I'm working on a few guides, but my first up is one close to my Maple-soaked heart: an OX Quiz answer guide for MapleStory 2. Just one of many small and strange things you must learn to do to progress in-game.

Maplestory 2 Fishing Guide -

When it fills up - congratulations, you have your catch. Notify me of new posts via email.

Fishing is one of the Life Skills in MapleStory 2 which is the act of using a fishing pole to fish for different kinds of fish.

Table of Contents Gameplay. I will not be able to receive other ores or fishes. Just google search for "maplestory 2 fishing guide" there are spots and fish that give you better exp than the recommended fishing spots.

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Contact Us. If you liked this guide, please continue to pay attention to our website and social media!! Namespaces Page Discussion. Name required. As long as you see a block of water, you can use your rod and start catching some fish. Others play for the sake of gaming. Fishing at the moment doesn't really give much, but they'll add more to it in the future I'm sure. Whether grilled or boiled, it's always delicious. Simple Fishing Guide written by mrs.

Musical instruments are a little difficult to come by and, if you're not paying attention, can seem like they are only available for Blue Merets.

MapleStory 2 Fishing Guide: Getting Fishing Master Points · Normal: 2 Points · Rare: 4 Points · Exceptional: 6 Points · Epic: 8 Points.

Once you have your equipment, simply head on over to a pool of water and double click your fishing rod from bitcoin mining einstieg Belongings menu.

You may end up with a good number of carps of varying sizes but not the one needed by the quest specifically, Carp cmhence it is not possible to complete the quest in 1 fishing session. The colorful scales of this seahorse makes it a prize for any aquarium. I heard in one of the closed beta tests you could fish up like super good gear at max rank. It has white speckles on its back. Dungeons: Do them, at least 3 a day. Post it in the Black Market Story Quests: You get a decent amount of money upon quest completion so make sure you betrayal the series those.

As with the other activities in the game, it is possible to enhance your fishing proficiency in MapleStory These merchants are often fishing, with the words Fishing Supplies Dealers hovering above their head. If you have merits i strongly recommend using the auto play feature, that way you can go afk AND it when playing music you can play it for as long as you have the feature and it will not consume your remaining play count.

MapleStory 2: How to Perform on The Street

The ranks go as follows:. You can also hold the spacebar to continuously raise it. Blue Metal Fishing Pole. Dance Dance 7. It's like Gigantica's tail in more ways than one! Follow us to get them all. Catchin fish for the first time, yields full exp.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. The higher mastery fisherman you become, the longer it takes. How much mastery will I get for catching fish?

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View mobile website. Because its body is transclucent, this fish has a tendency to sneak up on and surprise divers. It feels like a leaf. As for mastery, rank, biome it's rare, saltwater, Advanced III. Reel time reduced: 3 seconds. Do premium dungeons, These are solo dungeons that you can do once a day and you may walk away withcash.

Hi visitor,welcome to Ms4mesos. Despite its size, it's actually quite docile.

MapleStory 2 – Fishing Guide. Fishing. Beginner I to Master Requirement Total: Beginner I Mastery Total: Beginner II Mastery Total:

MapleStory 2 15 November As long as your fishing rank is the same as the block you fish at. The leaves of this magma-based plant look like burning flames. This page was last edited on 16 Juneat The same way as your character level, the higher you get, the longer it takes. These 3 rotate giving a total of 10 different events you can have. To obtain more information, visit the last edited, available wiki page.

MapleStory 2 Leveling Guide - Mini Game | Exploration Goals | Fishing and Music | Dungeons

When you go to the World Map, at the top there are several filters that will emphasize certain areas. Don't be fooled by its ridiculous looks. Catching the required amount of fish gives half the points that you would get for a first time catch. Terms and Conditions. At around Level 20a new Maple Guide quest grants you a free Practice Digital Piano and teaches you how to play music. As with the other activities in the game, you can increase your fishing proficiency in MapleStory However, the concept of fishing could still be remote for some of us.

Post it in the Black Market. Buy a Fishing Chair for mesos. MapleStory 2 8 February Tap the spacebar to balance the fish icon in the blue area of the meter until the lower bar fills up entirely.

Change language. Others will give you a better chance of catching a rare fish etc.

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Moreover, make sure that you are catching quality fish with a high grade. By the time you're done with it, you are going to maplestory 2 fishing guide a lot of Exploration Goals in MapleStory 2. Additionally, make sure that you might be catching high-quality fish with a high grade. After you place yourself near the body of any liquid to catch fish, double click your fishing rod from the inventory and use keys to pick a tile you want to fish in. The stripes across this bream's body are reminiscent of bubbling lava.

Load More Comments. This method allows you to leave the game alone while your character does all the work. Maze Minigame 3. Look for this icon:. Provided that you see a block of maplestory 2 fishing guide, you are able to use your rod and get started catching some fish.

Published Oct. These being talking to Teo and looking through the area's binoculars.

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To raise your proficiency, all you need to do is fish in areas with your matching fishing level. You start as a beginner, slowly rising to the position of Master Fisher. We have also been striving to provide the best service for players, and we are committed to becoming a paradise for gamers. With this MapleStory 2 guide we'll try to shorten it.

First time catching new fish 2. Starting at Beginner 1 rank, catching 1 fish awards 1 mastery point.

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After a long test, we are very happy to see the release of the game. Is a question that many of you guys who come here to ask us. Do take note, nevertheless, that performing this charges merits or coupons.

Welcome to our MapleStory 2 fishing guide. Today we're going to talk about fish. In this guide, beginners will learn how to start fishing.

However, keep in mind, that this costs merit points, maplestory 2 fishing guide can be purchased for real-life money. Fishing, for example, is one of the many pastimes you can spend hours doing in the game.

Do these mini-games as much as possible. Since we're excellent like that. The very first three angler proficiencies have up to four levels you may have to have to achieve prior to raising your rank.

How and Where to Fish in MapleStory 2 To be able to fish you first need to equip a fishing pole, you can use the pole you get as part of the.

When auto-fishing is enabled, characters fish without you being there. Welcome to our MapleStory 2 fishing guide. Illustration 1 Player buys Regular Bait at 9. In truth, you can even fish in oil, lava, and venom blocks.

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Catfish make a healthy meal when simmered for a long time. A non-profitable yield will give only 10 mesos otherwise. Reel time reduced: 2 seconds. After you start off angling in MapleStory 2, you might come across a short mini-game.

In the album, you will be able to check the list of fish and their locations. Whereas the first three stages are basically catch 2 to 3 fish and you get some mastery points, anything after that seems to be you have to catch 7 to 10 fish before you get some mastery points.

Q: What level do you suggest we should start fishing at? Final Destination 2.

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